URG' de Garde 2023-2024 (7e édition)

Les protocoles d'Avicenne

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New edition of the practical reference guide for emergency prescriptions during hospital on-call duty

Collection: Collection URG’
Publisher: ARNETTE
Pages: 352
Format: 13 x 18 cm
ISBN : 978-2-7184-1697-7
Printed in: French
Publication date: 26/01/2023

The new URG' DE GARDE is arriving!

More than 210 updated and detailed sheets for this practical guide to emergency medicine, now a must-have.

In this new edition, you will find :

- Updated and reviewed by a panel of experts to be in line with the latest international recommendations,

- an exhaustive index for quick access to the appropriate procedures for each patient, as well as the main scores,

- extremely detailed treatments, for rapid and appropriate prescribing without consulting other references.

This seventh edition is enriched with new protocols - management of female victims of violence, nitrous oxide poisoning, Monkeypox, dengue, cannabinoid syndrome, among others...

Written by the team at Avicenne Hospital and coordinated by Professor Adnet, this book has been acclaimed by professionals (both senior and trainees), with increasing success with each new edition. Always in a format that fits in the pocket of your gown, it is a precious help in emergency services to approach on-call duty serenely and independently.

> The guide is accompanied by a free application with the purchase of the book, which can be consulted on and off-line, giving access to the content of the guide in its dynamic form and supplemented with references and interactive scores.

Professeur Frédéric ADNET

Frédéric Adnet est professeur de médecine d’urgence à l’Université de Paris 13.

Il exerce à l’hôpital Avicenne (Bobigny) où il dirige le service des Urgences de l’hôpital et le Samu de la Seine-Saint-Denis.

Auteur de plus de 250 articles scientifiques et de plusieurs ouvrages de médecine d’urgence, il mène actuellement des recherches sur la prise en charge des arrêts cardiaques et évalue différentes techniques de ventilation.

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