Current trends in Clinical Pharmacy and Biology. Alzheimer's Disease Cerebrovascular accidents Proteomics Metabolomics

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Publication date: 07/12/2009

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The aim of these Interns' Days is to highlight the advantages of the hospital intern system and to give an indication of the research and studies carried out in training hospitals and hospital centres.
This year's theme was:
• Alzheimer's and neurodegenerative disease. At the present time, an estimated 1 million people suffer from Alzheimer's disease in France. The themes dealt with include clinical aspects, current research into biological markers, treatments and medico-social care.
• Proteomics, Metabolomics and Nanotechnologies are new, rapidly expanding fields. The contribution of proteomics to clinical care, LC-MS metabolomic analysis as a new screening instrument in clinical biology (more than 2000 metabolites separated and assayed in the plasma), pharmacogenetics and metabolomics in the pharmacotoxicology and nanotechnological analysis of autoimmunity are all covered.
• Cerebrovascular accidents (CVAs) are the third most common cause of death in France after cancer and heart disease, and are the foremost cause of acquired physical handicap. Three-quarters of CAVs are ischemic and the remainder are haemorrhagic. The themes covered include the clinical and epidemiological aspects of CVAs, their management, interventional neuroimaging and the contribution made by medical devices.