Male Sterility

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Pages: 220
ISBN : 2-7420-0223-5
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The treatment of male infertility problems has been revolutionized since the start of the 1990s by sperm microinjection. This new and effective procedure has radically changed the therapeutic attitude of all practitioners dealing with infertility in couples. Some have even stopped trying to establish the cause of male infertility and resort to sperm microinjection even when it is not indicated. Given these excesses, the purpose of this book is to:
• Give more detailed guidance on when sperm microinjection is appropriate
• Define the role and training of andrologists (often replaced by geneticists)
• Weigh up the genetic causes of infertility and their risks for the embryo
• Assess the psychological effects of infertility and of the different treatments for couples
• Reduce the very high cost of medically assisted procreation
This work will be very useful for all practitioners called upon to help sterile couples have children.