Mieux communiquer entre soignants (Volume 2)

L'art de coopérer

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Practical advice and examples from real-life situations to improve teamwork

Collection: Books-e-Books
Publisher: ARNETTE
Pages: 136
Format: 12 x 20 cm

In 2018, Mieux communiquer entre soignants : un enjeu majeur de sécurité proposed for the first time simple and directly applicable communication rules based on concrete examples: medical phraseology. Many caregivers were thus able to improve their daily practice and identify risks related to their interactions. This second part, L'art de coopérer, goes further.

This book first gives us keys to adapt medical phraseology to the place and time of care. It proposes concepts such as the "temperature" of communication, zoning, channels, and ritualization.

In a second part, the author invites to invest in cooperation thanks to the principles of coherence, intentionality and management of emotions.

The book then proposes to adapt the rules of public speaking to the world of health care: the place of rhetoric in our exchanges, the development of our intercultural skills, the trap of sophisms, the management of neologisms with new for new ideas.

Finally, L'art de coopérer sheds light on the links between our thinking and our language in order to move towards common goals. In the meaning of words, we will also find the meaning of our jobs.

This book is part of the Books-e-Books collection, a collection with bi-media content (paper and digital). Each book is extended with online supplements that complement the author's words: decision trees, commented videos, legal texts, etc

Docteur Jérôme Cros

Polyclinique de Limoges

Anesthésiste-réanimateur, Jérôme Cros dirige le Centre de simulation en santé de la Faculté de médecine et de pharmacie de Limoges, et il consacre ses recherches à l’impact du facteur humain dans le soin.

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