Transfusion Medicine: Looking to the Future

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Pages: 256
ISBN : 2-7420-0614-1
Printed in: English

"The story of blood transfusion is a fantastic human adventure during which medical and scientific skills have been brought together deliberately or accidentally to forge a new medical discipline.
The original aspect of this series of stages in which applied research has had the upper hand is the extraordinary therapeutic potential of blood and medullar cells. A large number of pathologies are involved, many of them outside the scope of haematology.
Continuing to develop that therapeutic potential is one of the challenges of the coming decade. Whatever the complexity of the techniques used, the blood donor has been the vital player right from the start of the story. A comprehensive ethical debate must take place alongside this medical and scientific progress."
After a brilliant and detailed account of the discoveries made in the field of blood transfusion and related applications over the past three decades, this book tackles all the subjects which are already looking ahead to the future of transfusion.