Vaccination : a History From Lady Montagu to Jenner and Genetic Engineering

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Pages: 600
Format: 170x245
ISBN : 978-2-7420-0775-2
Printed in: English
Publication date: 05/05/2011

This English language edition is far more than a simple translation of the work "L'Histoire des vaccinations" published in 2008 in the same collection.
The French edition has actually been totally revised and improved. In particular, it features a chapter dedicated entirely to yellow fever. A greater number of illustrations are included.
This book will undoubtedly be of great interest to a section of the general public and to specialists.
The history of vaccinations is a significant phase in the history of humanity. With the development of hygiene, vaccinations have certainly been the most notable progress of medicine.
Nevertheless, this subject which has revolutionised human and animal medicine has long been explored poorly or not at all. This oversight has now been addressed through this fascinating work.
All translated Pasteur texts are from the original manuscripts found in his laboratory notebooks.
Finally, the moral problems inherent in the use of vaccines are addressed and at times, appear strangely similar to current situations…
I – Prehistory
1. Smallpox or Variola
2. Lady Montagu Brings Variolation from Turkey: 1721
3. Smallpox Vaccination and its Uses from Jenner to Pasteur: 1796 to 1880-1900
4. Inoculation (Variolation) Reaches an Impass
II – Pasteur and Vaccines
5. The Chicken Cholera Vaccine
6. Cattle Anthrax and Splenic Fever in Sheep: 1880-1881
7. The Swine Erysipelas Vaccine: 1883
8. Rabies or Hydrophobia Vaccine
III – Vaccines Reach Maturity
9. The Arrival of the Classic Vaccines: Heralding in the New Medicine
IV – The Modern Era
10. Industrialisation of Vaccine Production
11. Yellow Fever Vaccine
Overview of the Protagonists of this Story
Glossary of Evolution of Some Medical Concepts over Time