Atlas of Electroencephalography Volume 2: The Epilepsies, EEG and Epileptic Syndromes

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Collection: Atlas EEG
Pages: 432
ISBN : 2-7420-0583-8
Printed in: French

This second volume of the Atlas of Electroencephalography is devoted to the vast subject of epilepsies, covering them according to modern classification criteria: focal epilepsies, generalised epilepsies, epileptic encephalopathies, specific situations and etiologies, and reflex seizures.
As in Volume 1, each electroencephalogram shown is analysed to highlight the most significant features that may be useful for diagnosis and interpretation.
Emphasis is placed on the most common types of epilepsy because of the practical nature of the book, but some less well known and more confusing forms are also shown.
The book provides a summary of current views on the main categories of epilepsy and doctors who carry out EEGs will find it a valuable aid to interpretation. It is also aimed at all doctors who have to deal with epileptic patients, as well as technicians working in neurophysiology laboratories.