Osteo-articular Infections

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Pages: 130
ISBN : 2-7420-0147-6
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Osteo-articular infections are more likely to be the result of a direct septic infection of the bone (osteitis): open trauma or orthopaedic surgical procedures, than to a specific bacterial infection of haematological origin (osteomyelitis).
They are serious infections that have a major social impact because of the disabilities they cause. They tend to be chronic, and treatment, often complex and difficult, can only be considered as part of an overall approach that may include surgery.
After examining in turn:
- the pathogenic mechanisms
- the physiology of bacteria
- and the diagnosis of these infections,
the authors endeavour to give a full description of: osteitis, osteomyelitis, infectious osteitis, infectious spondylitis, festering and septic infectious arthritis, bacterial arthritis and osteo-articular infections related to diabetes.
The book also expands on the treatment of acute and chronic osteitis, complications arising from arthroplasty and autobioprophylaxy in orthopaedic surgery.