Neurosciences (4e édition)

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Collection: Hors collection
Publisher: PRADEL
Pages: 1016
Format: 21 x 29,7 cm
ISBN : 978-2-36110-080-3
Printed in: French
Publication date: 04/05/2016

The world’s uncontested reference book for over 20 years


This book is intended for a very wide audience: students of medicine, life sciences, psychology or physical and sport activities who wish to grasp an understanding of the anatomical and functional basics of normal and pathological behaviours; as well as paramedical professionals, whether practicing or in training; and especially speech and language therapists, physiotherapists, nurses and even occupational therapists.

This 4th edition, extensively reviewed, revised and enhanced, includes abundant didactic diagrams and boxed texts written by the most prestigious researchers in the field to ensure the book’s ongoing accessibility.

Readers are taken to the heart of the most current research, into a fascinating world where the progress of knowledge arouses strong hopes of conquering, at last, these neurological and psychiatric diseases, which are mainly incurable diseases which cause terrible handicaps, affecting one out of three people in the world, or more if we consider victims of addiction.


• Mark F. Bear, Barry W. Connors, Mickael E. Paradiso, Professors of Neuroscience in the United States
French translation and adaptation: André Nieoullon, Professor of Neuroscience in Marseille, France.


Table of contents

Part I - The Foundations of Cells

Chapter 1 - Neuroscience: Past, Present and Future
Chapter 2 - Neurons and Glia
Chapter 3 - The Neuronal Membrane at Rest
Chapter 4 - The Action Potential
Chapter 5 - Synaptic Transmission
Chapter 6 - Neurotransmitters: Anatomo-biochemical Organization of the Nervous System
Chapter 7 - The Anatomy of the Nervous System

• Part II - Sensory and Motor Systems

Chapter 8 - The Chemical Senses
Chapter 9 - The Eye and Eyesight
Chapter 10 - Eyesight: Anatomo-functional Organization of the Central Visual System
Chapter 11 - The Auditory and Vestibular Systems
Chapter 12 - The Somatic Sensory System
Chapter 13 - Spinal Control of Movement
Chapter 14 - Brain Control of Movement

• Part III - The Brain and Behavior 

Chapter 15 - The Brain and Behavior: Neurochemical aspects
Chapter 16 - Motivation
Chapter 17 - Male Brain, Female Brain
Chapter 18 - Brain Mechanisms of Emotion
Chapter 19 - Brain Rhythms and Sleep
Chapter 20 - Language
Chapter 21 - Attention and Awareness
Chapter 22 - Mental Illness

• Part IV - Neuroplasticity

Chapter 23 - Brain Development
Chapter 24 - Learning and Memory
Chapter 25 - Molecular Mechanisms of Learning and Memory