The patient, an actor in biomedical research

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Collection: Congrès et Colloques
Co-Publisher: Syndicat National de l'Industrie Pharmaceutique (SNIP) / John Libbey Eurotext
Pages: 110
ISBN : 2-7420-0290-1
Printed in: French

The French law of 20 December 1988 on biomedical research has now been in force for over ten years. Its introduction represented a major step forward.
After ten years, is it necessary to introduce any improvements?
- How is the implementation of the law experienced by people taking part in biomedical research?
- How can its use be improved in practice?
- How can patients be used as real actors in research?
Issues related to provision of information and the consent of patients are the core of this book.
The aim of this 15th title in the "Conferences and Congresses" collection is to give an overview of ten years of implementation of the law as seen by patients, in liaison with other actors in biomedical research (doctors and manufacturers), and to look to the future, taking account of scientific developments, patients' new behaviour patterns, and new communication technologies.