Guide clinique et thérapeutique

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Publisher: DOIN
Pages: 812
Format: 17 x 24 cm
ISBN : 978-2-7040-1434-7
Printed in: French
Publication date: 24/06/2020

This very comprehensive manual gives students a better understanding of the mechanisms of the main human diseases (respiratory, cardiac, renal diseases, etc.) and describes the nutritional effects that these can have on the body. 

The author conceived the book as a series of summary cards that can be used in two ways:
• to understand, the fundamental mechanisms of the diseases,
• to acquire a more global vision: from the definition to the treatment, in particular to prepare for certain exams.
The book familiarizes students with the understanding of pathophysiological mechanisms and thus opens the mind to optimize the understanding of the clinical and therapeutic approaches.
The pages are enhanced with numerous text boxes in the margins that highlight objectives, key points, important information or comments to be remembered.
Note: To gain new perspectives, part of the book is specifically devoted to paediatrics.

Intended for BTEC Higher national diploma students in dietetics, biological engineering specialising in dietetics or pathophysiology