Guide d’Échographie Pratique en Anesthésie-Réanimation - GUEPAR (2e édition)

Anesthésie locorégionale

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"one gesture / one image" The essential guide for ultrasound-guided ALR blocks

Collection: Collection Verte
Publisher: ARNETTE
Pages: 144
Format: 16 x 11 cm
ISBN : 978-2-7184-1769-1
ISBN élec : 978-2-7184-1771-4
Printed in: French
Publication date: 22/03/2024

This practical guide is designed to help anesthesiologists and interns learn to perform ultrasound-guided locoregional anesthesia.

Its use is complementary to reference books. Thanks to its format and illustrated design, it provides users with direct assistance as close as possible to the patient.

The guide is designed to be instructive, offering :

general rules of sonoanatomy and block construction

for each block: an anatomical diagram showing the structures of the regions concerned

several examples reflecting the diversity of clinical situations for the main limb and trunk blocks

for each step: illustrations and photos with colorization and captions of ultrasound images to make them easier to understand

Après 12 ans au CHU de Lariboisière Saint-Louis (Paris), François Bart exerce à l’hôpital privé Paul d’Égine - Ramsay (Champigny-sur-Marne). Anesthésiste-réanimateur, son intérêt pour l’anesthésie locorégionale s’est accru au fil des années, notamment en médecine de la douleur.

Avec la collaboration d'Élisabeth Gaertner, cheffe du service d'anesthésie-réanimation des Hôpitaux civils de Colmar